A Helping Hand

Welcome! To my new website. I am so joyful you are here. I'm Noah the founder of A Helping Hand. Feel free to browse the site. You will find information about the services I provide, the mission of the company, and the values I uphold. Enjoy!

My Mission

A Helping Hand has a plan to bless those that need a blessing.

My Motivation

There is a large array of sources for motivation in the world we live today. For some, it may be from other people like parents, friends, mentors, even celebrities. Others it may be from a darker place maybe trauma or a low point you don't want to go back to. Though those things may work there is only one true motivator that never fails. That is Jesus Christ. He is my motivator, for He brings love.

My Rates

Here is where the blessings come. I have no set price for any of the work I do. You will owe what you think my work is worth. Within reason of course. I am twenty-one after all. I will work directly with you on the pricing until we reach a price point we both agree on. 

Hire me

If you are in need of help in any way, shape, or form. I'm your guy.