My Services

A Helping Hand is not your typical company in regards to its services. A Helping Hand is... Just that. No matter what it may be. A new project that is too large to do alone. A garage that is well due for a cleaning. A house that needs sitting. Or even moving. A Helping Hand is your neighbor, your friend, your support.

If you are unsure whether I provide service for your needs do not hesitate to contact me. I am open to answer any questions you may have.

My Experiences

It is crazy how you don't tend to realize how much you have gone through till you stop and reflect. Even with only being twenty-one I have had my fair share of experiences. 

Grocery Store/Market

At Yoder's Market I worked as the cart manager and cold/freezer stock. Though they may seem as simple labor tasks it built me up to be independent. Being my first job there were so many life lessons to be learned from it. Just one way was how to manage money, especially with just starting to drive. It wasn't the highest paying job, so it really taught me the ability to prioritize and see what was important.
1.5 Years


This was the most physically challenging point of my entire life. I learned how to do block, brick, pavers, concrete, and stone masonry. Though, most importantly I learned to push through pain, exhaustion, and a lack of motivation. It not only tested my physical strength, but also my mental strength.
2 Years


My favorite occupation I have ever held. First of all, because it came as a huge blessing. Towards the end of my masonry job a lot was not going right. I trusted in God and quit. Two days later my uncle called and said he knew of an electrical company looking to hire with training. Four days later I was an apprentice. Electrical came very easy for me as I learn very quickly, although it challenged me to think thoroughly about everything I did.  
1 Year


Now, though I haven't worked this job very long. It taught me a lot about the transportation industry in general and how to deal with customers. Some who were not very kind. Patience was a large part of this business. Constantly dealing with tired and stressed out individuals, while maintaining a positive and respectful tone was extremely important. You never know the situations people were in when you show up.
3 months

Youth Ministry

By far my favorite thing on the planet to be a part of. It is a blessing and a privilege to be a part of the future of the kingdom of God. I have grown up in the youth ministry at Lighthouse, New Holland since age 12. Now twenty-one I get to serve as a youth leader and share the important wisdom God has shared with me. It's like being a parent to 30 kids! You learn lessons serving in youth ministry you can only learn as a parent. 
10 Years (Volunteer)

Event Planning/Running

I am not the kind of person to brag or ask for recognition for things. Though, God has gifted me with many natural talents. Apart from general leadership skills event planning and running comes natural for me. Through my years in youth ministry I have had the opportunity to hold big roles in youth event planning and running. For three years I have been the head of setup and tear down for 5th Quarter (Our biggest youth event). I handle myself extremely well in stressful situations.